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Feb 28

Vangelis Improvising on CS80 and various other synthesizers

Oct 13

Cratedigger Documentaries

Here’s a bunch of great mini documentary films about various quality producers and DJ’s vinyl collections from Fuse:

Gaslamp Killer’s Vinyl Collection

DJ Jazzy Jay’s Vinyl Collection

Cut Chemist’s Vinyl Collection

Apr 8

Off the Charts Documentary <3

If you’ve ever flipped through a supermarket tabloid, vintage comic book, or various sorts of pulp magazines, it’s not unlikely you’ve seen ads in which a “record company” or “song publisher” claims to be looking for new, fresh material. This is the most public face of what is known to music buffs as “the song-poem industry,” in which small companies will take the lyrics of amateurs of all stripes, set them to music, and produce rudimentary recordings of the results — all for a price to the novice writer, of course. While literally hundreds of thousands of songs have been recorded and released in some form through the song-poem business, only a tiny handful have reached any sort of audience beyond the lyricist himself (and perhaps their family and friends), and most of those people who follow the work of the song-poets view them as folk art at best, and examples of the outer limits of low-grade musicianship at worst. Off the Charts: The Song-Poem Story is a documentary which looks at this curious sidestreet of the music business, examining its history, the musicians who set the work of rank amateurs to music, and the lyricists who are willing to pay to have tunes like “Non-Violent Tae Kwon do Troopers,” “Rip Off Fear,” “Chicken Insurrection,” and “The Human Breakdown of Absurdity” committed to plastic. Off the Charts: The Song-Poem Story was produced and aired by PBS as part of the documentary series Independent Lens.

Nov 14

It’s my birthday and two of my pals popped me this on good ole’ facebook and it made me smile - so here’s a real rare recording of The Beatles singing happy birthday to the BBC show “The Saturday Club” <3

Nov 11

Oct 26

:) aww memories - hyde, archie and interface slamming some nice bits on the miggy <3 always loved the film strip bit hehe


decaying paradise by Andromeda

Released at Amega 1991

Meet on the Ledge / Fairport Convention 

You have to wonder these days - where are the lyrics in popular music… Just listening to a track like meet on the ledge hammers home the lack of word power looming large in the music industry - its embarrassing.¬†

An incredible and moving song…

Death of a Clown / Dave Davies 

An incredible track from Dave Davies - probably containing some of the most wonderfully far out lyrics of any of his songs… Dave released this as a solo effort and it was later included in the Kinks back catalogue… great stuff!

All my life / Ithaca

Another lovely (and bloody rare) album is Ithaca’s A Game for All Who Know… Ithaca featured members of Agincourt post their lovely album Fly Away - (you can check out some Agincourt below…)

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